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Houston Hoarder Clean Up

Are you a hoarder? Or you know someone who is? There is no need to live in shame.

It is understandable how delicate and difficult it could be for a hoarder to discard irrelevant possessions. However, it is essential to note that if the situation is inadequately dealt with, the consequence could be grievous as hoarding could lead to fire hazards, diseases, infestation, etc. It could also lead to family strain like conflicts, isolation, loneliness, and unwillingness to have another person enter the home.

Cleaning up a hoarder's place could be daunting because of the decay, rot, mold, and crumbles that could be found beneath layers of hoarded material. And this could pose a significant health threat to the cleaner, leaving him/her with a lung disorder if, by chance, the spores from this decay gets into their lung.

And this is why it is vital to seek the assistance of a professional clean-up company in Houston, TX, that specializes in hoarding cleaning services to do the work for you.

Dumpster Dash is your go-to company for your clean-up and clutter removal services in Houston.

Our hoarding clean-up services 

We are a body of professionals whose hoarding clean-up services are second-to-none in Houston, TX.

We understand that most clients who seek our help would love to keep it private, just the same way we care about our client's reputation. With this in mind, we ensure that our TX hoarding clean-up vans are marked discreetly so as not to make people raise an eyebrow as regards why we are there.

Houston Hoarder Clean up service is way beyond junk removal. Anybody can perform the junk removal task, but as for hoarder clean-up, there's a psychology behind it. And the psychology is cleaning a hoarder's apartment without hurting the hoarder's emotions.

We've always ensured not to tamper with our clients' emotional and psychological health while we clean-up their apartment through our experience and expertise regarding hoarding clean-up. We do everything to ensure that our customers are kept in their comfort zone during the entire clean-up.

Our aim is not just to move the junks from our client's home, but to do so without making them feel bad about their decision. We treat each of our clients with a significant level of compassion and sympathy. We are non-judgmental as we truly understand the emotional state of our client.

We do not judge; instead, we strive towards understanding and helping our clients. We work towards returning our client's home to a clean, safe, healthy, and fit to live place. We approach this seemingly impossible task by following a proven process that we have perfected over our previous projects, carried out with a profound sense of respect, honor, and compassion for our clients.

We are the only hoarding clean-up service company in Houston whose utmost aim is to help the hoarder feel not just good but happy about their decision.

Do you need a house cleaned in Houston, TX?

Our compassionate, holistic approach and motivation helps individuals with hoarding conditions organize and dispose of clutter, debris, and trash, enabling them to get back to living in a clean, healthy, and safe environment without a feeling of guilt. Contact Houston's #1 choice for dumpster rentals - Dumpster Dash: (832) 803-1275.

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